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Ville Valo Obsession's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ville Valo Obsession

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Wallpaper 2 [October 3rd, 2007]


Here's two more wallpapers I've made today. They're both kind of the same, just different versions.


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Wallpaper 1 [October 3rd, 2007]

Today I made a Ville Valo (of HIM)  wallpaper with three different versions. Well, it could also be counted as three different wallpapers, but here they are. 

Click for bigger size, of course.
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My First Icons Ever! [October 3rd, 2007]


Here's some teasers:


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Layout [October 3rd, 2007]

We need a better layout! If you would like to make one go ahead, but please put ville_obsession somewhere on the banner.

If you make me a banner I will lovers you forever!

If you /do/ make one, please send the shibang to this email lovemetalforever@hotmail.com 

Thankies in advance for those that want to! 
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